1000% – Exhibition at Neurotitan, Berlin

    • 1000% – Reclaiming Budapest Since 2002 | the 1000% retrospective exhibition in Berlin

      1000% GOES TO THE BEAR! Attila Stark, Richard Orosz, Tamas Füredi, Balazs Szabo and Krisztian Vörös took over the Neurotitan Gallery and realized their first major solo-exhibition in abroad.

      The exhibition «Reclaim Budapest – Since 2002» is set up as “retrospective” and introduces 10 years of artistic work of the collective. Artworks done on the street and for the exhibition space are on display! Moreover F39, Kulo, Lobot, Piros & Torz&Merev also present their latest paintings and objects and a special edition of prints!

      This exhibition set the stage for some of the best known urban artists in Budapest: the 1000% collective. According to the authors of «Street Marking in Hungary» Attila Stark, Richard Orosz, Tamas Füredi, Balazs Szabo and Krisztian Vörös (together with others…) were the first seriously acting street art group in Budapest. The exhibition «10’000% – since 2002» presented by Chimera-Project honors and highlights the work and development of the collective since 2002.

      Within more than 10 years 1000% literally achieved what street art always demands – to «reclaim the streets». Although in case of 1000% and Budapest, Street Art was only one creative channel of expression in the wide repertoire of the group. Since 2002 the creative output always performed with 1000 percent style literally covers the city of Budapest and confronts people in their everyday lives: From fine art, exhibited in bars, galleries, the Mücsarnok and other art institutions; over commissioned or illegal works for public & private spaces, festivals and events, to graphic design applied on posters,fanzines and flyers for cultural places and the club scene – 1000% simultaneously operates in various contexts and loves to perform the balancing act between the two fields of fine art and (graphic) design. In this sense 1000% define «urban art» as a crossover of disciplines. On the one side this schizophrenic approach reflects a typical attitude of urban art in general. On the other hand the use of multiple channels renders the work of 1000% more complex, so that it easily conquer this «urban cage». The exhibition «10’000% – since 2002» honours their oeuvre and surrounds the audience with kaleidoscope-like setting of different works represented by various media – a place to dive into , discover and think about urban art made in Budapest by 1000%.