Gallery for Contemporary Art

  • Géza Perneczky - Post Infinte
  • Mark Fridvalszki - Solo Exhibition
  • Adrian Kupcsik
  • Radical Memories
  • ViennaContemporary
  • Chimera Art Award Winner 2015
  • PostContemporary
  • Chimera Art Award 2015
  • The Power of Space
  • Lucie Fontaine
  • Investigative Painting
  • Protocol - Recording the State of Contemporary Drawing
  • Tightrope
  • Tsuyoshi Anzai Chimera Art Award Exhibition
  • Chimera Art Award
  • Free Fall / Szabadeses
  • The Future is Today
  • On the peripheral orbit
  • Stano Masár exhibition at Chimera-Project, Budapest
  • Artists from Bratislava at Chimera-Project
  • The Intolerable Image

Latest News

Exhibition calendar
DERKÓ, Scholarship Exhibition, Kunsthalle Budapest
Solo show, Kjubh Kunstverein, Cologne
Volkshymne, Roxy/NOD, Prague
The Portent of Light, Meetfactory, Prague
Solo show at Art Brussels (non-profit section), invited by Contemporary Art Museum Estonia