• Chimera Art Award - Winner Exhibition 2016

    Upcoming: Romina Giuliani – Death in everyday life – Chimera Art Award Winner Exhibition 2016 (more info soon)

  • Anu Vahtra

    Anu Vahtra. Forms of adaptation. This space intentionally left blank

  • Chimera Art Award 2016 Winner
  • Intermarium

    Intermarium, international group exhibition, 2016

  • Géza Perneczky - Post Infinte

    Géza Perneczky, Post Infinit, 2016

  • Mark Fridvalszki - Solo Exhibition

    Mark Fridvalszki, New, Grey, Polished Chrome, 2016

  • Adrian Kupcsik

    Adrian Kupcsik, solo exhibition, 2016

  • Radical Memories

    Radical Memories, group show, 2016

  • ViennaContemporary

    ViennaContemporary 2015 with Géza Perneczky

  • Chimera Art Award Winner 2015

    Chimera Art Award 2015 - Winners Exhibition

Gallery News

Exhibition calendar
ViennaContemporary, Chimera-Project Gallery, booth F13
On the edge, Tabačka Gallery, Košice, SK,
In between grids, Plusmínusnula Gallery, Žilina, SK
Nylon Discotheque , Gallery Weekend Budapest
xposit 2_16 / sowohl als auch, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna, AT